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Jalousi Cabinet
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Colours: Grey, navy blue, dark green

Materials: Oak veneer, oak, plastic

Low cabinet: W: 55 x D: 40 x H: 101.5 cm

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Behind roller shutters
- Normann Copenhagen introduces the furniture collection Jalousi
Watches, conveyor belts and 50s furniture were among the sources of inspiration for the Jalousi furniture collection. From this cocktail, Simon Legald has created a contemporary collection of storage furniture, interpreting the classic roll-front cabinet.
The Jalousi collection, which consists of a sideboard and cabinets in two different sizes, is characterised by its minimalist idiom and a contrasting mix of materials. All of the designs feature practical rolling shutters in inviting shades of colour. Simon Legald tells us about his inspiration:

“When I start off with a new design I often start from an idea about rethinking and challenging a classic piece. This can be seen in Jalousi in the different approach to a louvre shutter, constructed of elements of coloured plastic. I was inspired by the way a conveyor belt runs around in a circle, while it was the links in a watchstrap that gave me the more specific idea for the shape of the elements.”

The Jalousi cabinets’ shutters run in a track hidden in the cabinet back, in which a pulley system ensures that it glides smoothly up and down. The coloured shutters form an attractive contrast to the cabinet body in an oak veneer with legs of solid oak. The combination of materials and the graphic repetition of the shutter’s elements make the style young and masculine.
Jalousi is a versatile collection that can be used anywhere storage is required. For ring binders and office articles in an office environment, storage of glass and porcelain in the dining room, or for books and knickknacks in the living room. Movable shelves make it easy to adapt the cabinets to meet individual needs.