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Architonic ID 20052292
EBE 85 is developed with the AS system that allows for the realization of large sliding glass walls in which the panels of considerable weight and dimension can alternate with fixed glass panels: functionality combines with the aesthetic aspect to create both an avant-garde technical element and a sophisticated component of the faҫade or for the furnishing of interiors. In fact, the system was conceived specifically to be versatile and flexible while maintaining the excellent performance characteristics of the EBE 85 system and lends itself particularly to the interpreting and realization of some of the most innovative projects in contemporary architecture.
Top-level performance in terms of heat insulation combines with excellent air and water-tightness, as well as resistance to wind load and acoustic insulation.
Available in two subsystems, the sliding EBE 85 AS can employ visible sections of 94 mm on all sides, or use reduced visible sections of just 69 mm for the central section, the stiles and the top rail.

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