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Just like a pathway that forks into different branches, the Labirinto project goes through diverse solutions and finishes to achieve a single result of beauty and harmony. Just like a hedge maze or a sixteenth-century star-shaped city, we sought to enrich the Labirinto project with tactile and visual sensations that ultimately make up its real peculiarity. The black aluminium frame, with its peculiar outline, supports a natural metal panel available in antique brass or steel, with many fascinating finishes such as vintage, satin, copper, slate and lacquered.

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Since the far away 1948 to today, we have built our kitchens exactly as we were dreaming them: thanks to lots of imagination, self-denial, passion and to all our energies and knowledge, we were able to design kitchen furniture with practical and functional. Our business mission can be summed up in a concept: innovation, in order to interpret and successfully meet the market needs. Innovation, for Scic, can be translated into three aspects: design, technology and quality.

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Italian kitchen manufacturer SCIC has found inspiration for its latest designs in its country’s history, and, with its innovative, sustainable and forward-looking manufacturing techniques, strikes a balance between past and future.