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Vía Láctea
Vía Láctea
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Product description

Versatile street lamp with simple, geometric, lines, conceived to draw lines of light in the sky. Its structure allows numerous alignments and lines of light to be created. Combined with the Vía Láctea Pergola, they create large shaded areas during the day and lit areas at night. Support and luminaire form a single body. The column, with a square cross-section in the lower part, becomes forked, forming a 90º angle in the upper part. The luminaire is arranged perpendicular to the support.

Materials and finishes
It has a 150 x 100 mm rectangular-base column with control hatch and 100 x 50 mm forked support made in hot-galvanized structural steel painted finishes. It has a rectangular screen (simple for one lamp or double for two lamps), made of the same material.

The luminaire is a portafluorescentes for 2 58 W tubular lamp.
As an option, lights can be delivered for a unique tube of 58W.

The streetlamp is delivered disassembled in two components: the column and the screen with the lamp. Assembly instructions are included with the street lamp. The column is fixed using a concrete cube made on site and anchor bolts, 20 cm below the ground. The foundations should provide a slot for the electrical connection.
Anchorage bolts, pattern and moulding come with the column. The column with double shade cannot be installed in isolation; it must be fixed to another luminaire at one of its ends.

Normal part replacement and maintenance.

· Simple: 103 Kg.
· Double: 118 Kg.

Energy Class: A /B / C / D / E