Product description

Technical information:
Chrome-plated structure.
4 support options, with telescopic tube: 40/75 cm / 15.75/29.5”, 82/152 cm / 32.3/59.8” or 156/302 cm / 61.4/118.9” and without telescopic tube.
Six white translucent engineering plastic lampshades.
Chrome-plated metallic circular ceiling plate.
Optional opal translucent methacrylate diffusers.
Suitable for side entry adaptor.
Junction Box adaptor included Ø 11,7 cm / 4.6" (UL market).
Weight: 10 Kg / 22 lb

Recommended light sources:
6 x LED bulb: 10 W
6 x Compact fluorescent: 11 W
6 x Incandescent: Max. 60 W
E27 - E26 (Max. hgt. 115 mm / 4.5")

Product family


This is a lightweight, two-sided circle of shades, divided into six 60º segments (in the home version), and twelve 30º segments (in the larger version). The final arrangement is beautiful and sombre, generating generous well-nuanced light and reviving the old tradition of mediaeval iron luminaries with various bulbs as its resilient, distinguished predecessor is the Estadio lamp from the same designer.