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Product description

This bollard is an independent offshoot of the Rama street lamp and shares its light, stylized appearance. It is installed vertically to provide oblique lighting at the horizontal level to illuminate access points or to highlight paths.

Technical information

Materials and finishes
Recycled extruded aluminium with anodized surface. Injection aluminium cover with grey paint finish. Extruded aluminium interior sink with black anodized surface. Translucent methacrylate cover. Base made of anodized painted aluminium.

LED technology optical unit with asymmetric reflector lenses to minimise light pollution.

Installation and maintenance
The bollard is delivered in two parts: base and luminaire.
Fixed by steel anchor bolts with anti-corrosive protection placed in the cement. Template and anchor bolts are included.
The cover can be removed to take out the inner tray for maintenance.
Standard replacements and maintenance for electrical fittings.
LED technology minimises functional maintenance of the luminaire.

12 kg.

Energy Class: A++ / A+ / A

Product family


Created from the Rama street lamp, whose light and stylized appearance it shares. An urban element with good light efficiency, it is installed vertically to give horizontal planes low-level light, illuminate accesses and highlight paths.

Materials and finishes

· Body
Profile with extruded aluminium alignment (6063) in a single piece. Sandblasted finish with anodized protection.
· Diffuser
Translucent white polycarbonate sheet.
· Base
Element manufactured in gravity flow aluminium alloy (AG3), which allows the body of the luminaire to be fixed and which houses the female connector of the electrical connection.
· Front cover
Access cover of the luminaire located at the front, manufactured with aluminium alloy sheet (6063) to which an EPDM sealing joint is stuck. Removing this cover allows the inner tray to be extracted for maintenance.
Sandblasted finish and anodized protection.
· Inner tray
Extruded aluminium alloy profile (6063), in a single piece which acts as a reflector element, and as a support to fix the lampholder, with electronic equipment and male connector.
Its extraction produces the electrical disconnection of the unit. Anodized protection.

Luminaire of 740 x 190 x 65 mm in anodized finish extruded aluminium, reflector in the same material and diffuser in translucent polycarbonate.
Incorporates electronic equipment for 36 W TC-LEL type compact fluorescent lamp.

The beacon is delivered dismantled in two parts: base and luminaire.
The stainless steel fastening screws are delivered with the beacon.
The assembly instructions are enclosed with the beacon.

Usual spare parts and maintenance for the units.

12 Kg.