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Nu sin respaldo
Nu sin respaldo
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This bench provides a large area for getting together; a meeting point. It is a support or rest bench which, when aligned, may be used as a line to create a limit or a place for contemplation. It is a robust structure with two or three central legs which allow for the construction of large wooden surfaces.

The Nu bench without backrest is the item which most represents us in urban areas and is the inspiration for subsequent generations. It is made in galvanised steel and wood and is large, solid, austere and simply-shaped. In the ten years since it was launched it has already become a classic in new urban design.

Given the many ways in which it may be used and positioned, it has been an item which has been integrated into the urban landscape of the world’s towns and cities since its creation. It gives public areas of these places a greater air of leisure and pleasure.

It is a very accessible bench the presence of which encourages use. It may be used as a seat, a table or a lounger and creates a indescribable feeling of freedom. Like boards of wood springing from the earth, it has revolutionised the traditional idea of the bench as an item on the urban landscape and given it a dynamic image. It ages very well and casts a beautiful shadow.

The structure is of heat-galvanised steel, with legs of round tube, round disc bases and a lengthways brace welded to the upper legs. The seat is made of 8 solid natural missanda or red pine with high-pressure treatment wood strips. The strip anchorage screws are in bichromated steel. The bench is delivered disassembled in two parts, except when otherwise requested. Assembly instructions come with the bench. It is fixed to the ground with 4 bichromated steel screws per leg. It does not require functional maintenance, except if the original colour of the wood is to be preserved.