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NeoRomántico Liviano
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Whereas Neoromántico represented the modernisation of the classic romantic bench with wooden slats and a cast iron frame, the Neocombo bench constitutes its adaptation to the 21st century: 100% aluminium, recyclable, unchangeable and with slats up to 6 metres.

Benches have changed over the years. They used to be made from natural stone or wood and their formal values were prioritised. In the seventies in Spain we saw the appearance of innovative models: made of plastic, fibres, metals, recycled materials, to lie down on or sit on the backrest, supports, footstools, etc. Aluminium has not been used very much for street furniture, but allows compliant and comfortable shapes to be obtained. It is one of the lightest, most corrosion resistant metals, with very low maintenance and recycling costs. It is a material that eludes ageing. The Neocombo bench consists of a cast aluminium structure, with or without armrest, every 1.5 metres, wooden colored and seat and backseat of 0.60 or 1.50 m. or extruded aluminium, with standard measurements of 0.60 and 1.50 metres and multiples up to 7.5 metres. The aluminium slats have been anodised to make them more resistant and allow their decorative value to be enhanced by the use of different metallic shades, according to the manufacturer. They are slightly wavy for formal reasons, as well as to make them more comfortable. A Necombo banquette is also available.

Cast aluminium structure sand finished with antirust protection.
Seat and backrest made of red pine wooden high-pressure treatment strips or extruded anodised aluminium.
The bench is delivered dismounted.
Bolts come with the structure.
Screws come with the boards.

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