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This is a beach shower for cleaning sand from the feet. It is made in materials which are strong and unaltered by the severe conditions in which it is located. It is ergonomically designed so that users may leave the beach comfortably with their shoes on.

This is a new and highly practical idea, originally designed for the beach at Benidorm. The low, horizontal shape of this beach shower ensures that the sand stuck to the feet is removed with maximum user comfort and safety and prevents the rest of the body from getting wet.

It has a minimalist shape the main structure of which is designed so that bathers may press the water button and lean on the unit in a single operation. Its design and height provide the area necessary for drying the feet and putting shoes on, naturally and comfortably.

Its components and materials are unaltered by and resistant to the sea environment in which it is located. Its mechanical, health and hygiene characteristics have been thoroughly provided for. It is very easily maintained and cleaned and is very strong. The Lavapiés beach shower provides comfort and originality in a sector with few, but very conventional items.

It has a hydraulic system which works from the pressure of the water mains in the same way as a public fountain. It has 10 water spray outlets which work simultaneously while a button is being pressed at the top of each of these. Cleaning time lasts approximately 15 seconds.

The structure is a 200 mm AISI 316 stainless steel tube with polished finish, supported by two pillars in the same material with a sanded finish.

The internal sprayers are in brass and have a 6 mm outlet nozzle. The base of the unit is a platform with galvanised steel bars in the shape of a 30 x 30 mm square. This allows for immediate drainage and for the removal of sand. The bars are arranged in such a way that they may be lifted for cleaning or for periodic renewal of the surface drainage sand. The platform structure is also in AISI 316 stainless steel.

The structural unit is delivered totally assembled. It only needs to be fixed to the concrete foundations and connected to the water mains. Assembly and maintenance instructions are provided with the shower. Disassembly and assembly for servicing is done by removing the set of tubes and mechanisms from one end after having taken the press-button units off.