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La Colilla
La Colilla
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Suspended lights-Linear lights >
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This companionable lamp consists of a tubular body of translucent material, lightly blended, that acts as a shade for a variety of energy saving neon light bulbs which last almost forever. They are aligned inside the tube and connected in series.

La Colilla is one of those objects which stand out when night falls, like stars in the sky, fireflies in the country and warm coals in a fireplace. Conceived as a companionable lamp, appropriate for music, conversation and romance. In the evening, suspended in space, La Colilla gives off a warm magic glow, weightless and reassuring. Suitable for myriad domestic uses in bedrooms and living rooms, as a permanent night light in hallways, dressing rooms, porches and stairs. Wherever night falls La Colilla is in its element.

La Colilla reflects the natural change of atmosphere. At the end of the tube is the cable connected to the electricity supply while it is suspended by a strong fine cable which creates the illusion of the lamp floating in space. La Colilla was designed by Carles Riart in 1976 who produced it at home and sold it by mail order for two years. From 1979 Gabriel Ordeig from Comercial Estelar introduced various modifications to improve its manufacture and satisfy growing demand. In 1985, Santa & Cole added the finishing touches

Hanging lamp
Neon bulbs
20x0,05 W. 230 V

Energy Class: E