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Fonda Europa
Fonda Europa
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Although the Fonda de Europa lamp has been so imitated in recent years, it is actually no more than a brilliant reinterpretation of one of the oldest household lighting systems: candles are mounted on a metal support which hangs from the ceiling at a central point in a room.

The Fonda de Europa lamp can be traced back to the Middle Ages when candles were placed around cart wheels. A more recent version is Gabriel Ordeig’s 1989 design for the Fonda de Europa in Granollers. While the Fonda system allows you to create a variety of forms, the Fonda de Europa is one of only three unique models designed for small-scale domestic use.

The in-line hanging models are equipped with your choice of five or seven lamps. Each of the parchment shades is set on a bar of coral wood fitted with metal tubes. The electric cord emerges from one end of the bar. The lamp can also be wall-mounted. Tree shades are located on a horizontal metal tube which runs parallel to the wall.

The circular model is a modern version of medieval lamps. It has six lamps placed around the rim of the wheel. The cord comes out of the centre of the circle. Both the linear and circular models are available in three finishes :polished brass, chrome and matte nickel. However, there is only one type of shade: beige cardboard hand-stiched with silk thread.

Unlike Sistema Fonda, Fonda Europa’s three lamps are at normal height, closer to the line of sight and can be seen in more detail because they are smaller and more compact. More intense light is concentrated in the shortest part of the tube where E14 bulbs give off a steady light. The Fonda Europa is ideal for lighting large table surfaces.

Linear hanging lamp
Seven shades
Máx. 7x25 W. 230 V. E14

Linear hanging lamp
Five shades
Máx. 5x25 W. 230 V. E14

Circular hanging lamp
Six shades
Máx. 6x25 W. 230 V. E14

Wall lamp
Three shades
Máx. 3x25 W. 230 V. E14