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SAXAflect | Fassade
SAXAflect | Fassaden
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Product Features General
Our SAXAflect - Products combine a number of outstanding features. Of particular importance are the low weight and the low depth.
The low weight is particularly advantageous for ventilated curtain facades, because the substructure can be carried out substantially simpler.
As cladding elements are lightweight panels used (for example made of folded aluminum), coated with the flexible sandstone, instead of massive stone slabs.
The overall construction is so significantly less expensive. The savings potential is between 30% and 50%.
The low mounting height (about 3 mm) allow the use of the products under the most difficult space conditions. A complex substructure is not required.
The saved costs from this area can be used for the quality of surface coating.

Facade Cladding
For large facade surfaces offer our products through various processing techniques various design options.
When using large formats without or with few joints, the facade appears to be nearly a homogeneous surface.
Through the processing of smaller formats the appearance of a massive sandstone masonry is produced.
The flexible sandstone is also used for ventilated curtain walls.
The replacement of massive stone slabs by light weight panels with SAXAflect - coating allows use under difficult static conditions and offers potential savings in the substructure.
Facade parts such as pilasters, portals, bay window etc. are emphasized by the coating with flexible sandstone and highlight their function or meaning.
From the point of conservation, our products offer interesting possibilities. Damaged parts can be rehabilitated, without having to replace them completely. The competent Monuments Office should be consulted for this purpose.