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Slider M35 Top
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Slider M35 Top is a coplanar sliding system for medium sized cabinets, with doors width up to 1500 mm and a max. weight of 35 kg per door. The M35 Top mechanism incorporates a sophisticated magnetic damping system that decelerates the opening and closing action and sets a new standard of silent and smooth sliding movement by eliminating the typical noise produced by spring- action dampers. In its standard version, the M35 Top can be used to open two identical coplanar doors, or a single sliding door paired with a hinged door or an open compartment. In addition to the standard version that opens two coplanar doors in the traditional way, the system is available in number of options that signifcantly increase the number of possible applications: - Slider M35 Top Reverso that enables the doors to be opened in the  opposite direction; - Slider M35 Top Step that, with a single system, enables the doors to be  opened when they are separated by a central compartment; - Slider M35 Top One, a system for the opening of a single door; - Slider M35 Top Power, a motorised system for opening the door.

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