Product description

Porcelain, an ancient material, refined and produced with modern and sophisticated techniques. Although the origins of porcelain go back hundreds of years it’s still incredibly modern because of the incomparable, timeless look. And even more importantly, porcelain remains stable in all temperatures, it’s extremely hard, wear-resistant and colorfast. The fact it does not age over the years and is electrically insulating means we have the perfect material for our new MOSO collection to be used indoors or outdoors. The standard included LED engine with a warm white light of 2700K and a light output of 450lm with the standard driver can shine in 2 directions, up and down. By using an optional driver you can generate a light output ranging between 350lm and 900lm. This allows to use MOSO in any application! CONNECTION: 100-240V 50/60HZ

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