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Boss Executive Concrete
Riva 1920 >
CR&S Riva 1920 >, Davide Riva >, Maurizio Riva >
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Tables-Dining tables >
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Product description

Table in solid wood characterized by the visible throuhg-passing legs, made of concrete on which a wood grain is impres- sed.
Top with glued lists, proposed in walnut finish.
Proposed in the medium concrete shade, it is also available in other colors provided in the catalogue.

L. 240 - D. 100 - H. 75

Product family


Tables in solid walnut or oak with knots. Crossover legs visible on the top, made from tree trunk sections. Available in different sizes and types: with tops that are rectangular, square, round or oval. Any cracks or splits in the table legs, before or after sale, are completely normal, being typical properties of solid wood which, as it ages and becomes seasoned, moves according to the different conditions of the setting and humidity of the air. The variety of colour tones in the wood is one of its qualities, indicating that is a natural material without colorants or artificial additives.

Important information and delivery times for the BOSS EXECUTIVE table
We would like to draw your attention about some important information regarding the new BOSS EXECUTIVE table and the delivery times for it. The legs of the BOSS EXCECUTIVE table are made from roughly 35 x 35 x 75 cm. Circa blocks of solid wood. Each trunk used for the production of the legs is truly unique. Indeed the very possession of this product is as unique and exclusive as the material and its manufacture. Obtaining these great trunks (of WALNUT and OAK), cutting them, selecting and drying them are all operations that take much longer than the normal working of material of standard thickness. This means that estimated delivery times, too, may be delayed by as much as a few weeks for the reasons mentioned above. In addition, it is important to remember that any movement in the wood, cracks or splits, (in particular of the solid blocks used for the legs of the BOSS EXCECUTIVE table), both at the point of receiving the goods and thereafter, are to be considered completely normal characteristics of a product made entirely of solid wood.

If you are not ready to accept these natural characteristics of this product we suggest the version “BOSS BASIC” with legs not fully made in solid wood (frame in solid wood and free space into the legs).