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Winery Esterhazy, Trausdorf
concrete skin - interior
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Product description

Product: Interior - fibreC 13mm
Architect: Mayerhofer, Vienna
Installer: Thyssen Krupp, Vienna

Product Information:
facade surface: 620 m² fibreC 13mm
colour: sandstone
surface: Ferro FE

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Since we spend the largest part of our lives in interior spaces, the requirements to individual and functional interior design and healthy living conditions have increased tremendously. Concrete skin can fulfil any wishes, and as a result of its unique properties, fibreC is a most attractive material for interior spaces as well. The application of concrete in interior spaces opens completely new and undreamed-of dimensions.

Change of perspective

Old types of concrete have become outdated in many areas. fibreC and our interpretation of concrete, offer completely new and undreamed-of dimensions of the application of concrete in interior spaces. Modern and puristic at the same time, concrete skin blends perfectly into interior spaces and lends them a pleasant, warm and homelike atmosphere thanks to the diversity of colours and textures. Open and closed shapes manufactured of fibreC create calmness and clarity at the same time. The interaction of fibreC with glass, wood, metal and other materials makes a significant contribution to intelligent material mixing of the future.