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Mash folding chair
Mash folding chair
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It’s all in the name: with its colours and looks, the MASH folding chair, by Alexander Seifried, is a humorous homage to the 1970 blackly comic anti-war film by Robert Altman.

Small chair, big history: one day, in the backroom of an old pub, Alexander Seifried discovered a folding chair that had clearly seen better days. The chair’s designer and the exact year of creation (presumably the 1960s) remain unknown, but Seifried was immediately taken by the chair and its extraordinary folding mechanism that turned it into a very special object.

Back to the present: today, the chair that Seifried discovered back then goes by the name of MASH and has received a new look that gives it a somewhat American military feel. Due to the use of modern materials, it has become a comfortable and very practical piece of outdoor furniture. With its coloured trim, the weatherproof polyester net fabric, together with the solid oak armrests and the galvanized and powder-coated steel frame it represents a modern interpretation of first-generation camping chairs.

MASH is part of the new Richard Lampert LIVING OUTDOOR collection. Measurements: width 55cm | height 85 cm | depth 59 cm