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Product description

The rollable endless diffusor RUN generates a continuous line of light. Without interruption or visible cut edges, the endless diffusor enables maximum flexibility in planning and use. The result is uninterrupted, jointless lighting with maximum design freedom. RUN+ perfects the advantages of the rollable endless diffusor RUN. The decisive difference, the plus, is the suitability of this product for office applications. RUN+ conforms to all applicable standards for workplace lighting with a unified glare rating UGR of less than 19.

RUN+ is equipped with a new technology – an endless anti-glare film for which Regent Lighting holds the patent. This film is the result of several years of research work. Ultra-flat, wafer-thin and highly flexible, the film ensures glare-free illumination. Coarse structures disappear due to the miniaturisation of the material. The film is thus aesthetically pleasing thanks to its pure, clear surface, which meets all requirements for glare reduction.

RUN+ opens up a new design freedom and closes the gap between technology and design in the area of lines of light for office applications. For the first time, the line of light becomes an actual, uninterrupted line of light – unlimited elegance for every workplace.

RUN+ will be launched on the market at the Light+Building in March 2020. RUN+ will be available from the middle of the year as an endless diffusor for office applications in the Purelite D, Channel S, Purelite and Purelite Slim lines.


Office Lighting without limits.

This describes our new rollable diffuser and the possibilities it gives you.
There are no breaks in RUN just a continuous line of beautiful light.
And no breaks mean no shadows.
Just uninterrupted, unequalled illumination.
RUN+ has been created specifically for the office environment where it meets and passes all standards for workplace lighting.
RUN+ has at its heart a new technology designed to delight both architects and electricians.
The new Regent Lighting technology is a thin, ultra-flat, multi-layered and glare-free foil.
Its benefits are as endless as its beam of light.
Aesthetically, it is fine not rough, clear and clean with no breaks.
Practically, it is easy to handle and simple to customise.
Conventional solutions constrict.
RUN+ gives you the freedom to elevate any workspace.