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Simon 810
Simon 810
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Product description

The 810 range has various models with excellent lighting benefits, uniformity, different types of diffusers and profiles for surface and recessing and other specific profiles to satisfy the most demanding designs.
810 ESSENTIAL: For white colours. Available in 4 power ranges: 24W-48W-72W-96W
810 HIGH EFFICIENCY: Models from 128 LED/m to 240 LED/m for an illumination without visible spots of lights.
810 CRI 90: The high Chromatic Rendering Index of the LED helps to it's application in shelves and retail.
810 OUTLINE: Versatile design and flexible that helps to adapt to non lineal architectures.
810 5mm: 5 mm amplitude Ledflex, ideal for spaces that require to work with minimum dimensions.
810 RGB and RGB + White: The most decorative range that allows to create colour environments.
810 BIODYNAMIC: It allows to control the colour temperature of light from 2700K to 6000K.


The LEDFlex 810 range provides decorative or ambient lighting for areas such as hallways, receptions, shelves or any other space as a complement to general lighting.