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The new generation of row lighting systems: easy to plan with and install thanks to its ultra-flat design with a height of just 35 mm incl. control gear. The recessed version can be integrated into any concrete ceiling at any time: given that the recessed depth for mounting the luminaire is 19 mm max., it remains well below the rebars. The surface-mounted version features beautifully clear lines of light that softly illuminate the ceiling – now also in the case of renovation projects. In other words, this row lighting system can be added to a design concept at the last minute, if required. The version with the indirect light component delivers 3100 lm per 1.2 metres and is suitable for application in office spaces. The highly innovative plug-in system already contains wireless throughwiring. Besides offering a high degree of flexibility right up to almost the close of a building project, Purelite guarantees ultra-flat, uninterrupted, shadow-free lines of light.

Simple to integrate into the architecture thanks to its ultra-flat design: height of only 35 mm incl. control gear
Shadow-free lines of light, incl. illumination of the ceiling, timeless design
Suitable for application in offices thanks to microprismatic optics with a UGR < 19 at 3100 lm/1.2 m
Clip-in LED batten with integrated through-wiring for quick and easy mounting
For mounting in rows greater than 2250 mm, all lengths in increments of 150 mm

Available as a channel lighting system, recessed ceiling luminaire, ceiling and wall mounted luminaire or for pendant mounting
Support profile made of anodised aluminium, natural finish
LED module can be replaced on site
Omni-directional, incl. illumination of the ceiling (version available with direct lighting – Purelite D LED)
Micro-prismatic CLD optics made of high-grade plastic
dimmable digital DALI + ON/OFF

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Purelite – Clean, uninterrupted lines of light.

Architects like to remain as flexible as possible at every stage of a project. Thanks to its extremely flat design, Purelite guarantees the greatest possible design scope without having to compromise when it comes to aesthetics and lighting quality.

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