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The charm of marble and the technical excellence of porcelain stoneware come together in Pangea, a collection made up of different ceramic solutions that interpret some of the most renowned natural stones.
The first source of inspiration for Pangea project is the quartzite from Barge, the town in Piedmont that also gives the quartz its name. The stone has always been used in architecture for private residential venues and for large-scale public works. Barge surfaces come in two natural hues, Yellow and Grey, and express the aesthetic features and details typical of this natural stone, reproducing its marked chromatic versatility and its textural touch, that make it perfect for outdoor application too.
Bavaria is a ceramic tile inspired by the fine-grained Solnhofen limestone found in Bavaria, Germany; it is available in the warm shade of the original material. Bavaria has a natural surface to the touch, characterised by fossil imprints of ancient forms of life; it is ideal to decorate private homes with a classic touch and for elegant public spaces.