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Shopping becomes experiential thanks to the soft atmosphere and precious materials that define the style of the project in the new Intrend store in Montesilvano (Italy) designed by Italian architects Silvio Binini, Emanuele Piccinini and Paola Fossa of BP Architects.
The project is one of the winners of the international competition Refin Project Contest 2020, conceived to reward the best architecture and interior design projects made with Refin tiles.

The restyling of the Intrend Diffusione Tessile shop in Montesilvano has been the occasion to developed the new retail concept for a chain of factory outlets that refers to an important and historical group of Italian fashion: the display system has been completely redesigned aiming at rationalising the spaces, which provide for a cluster distribution around the central "square" for the presentation of the main products.
In this overall renovation project, the choices of finishes and furnishings reflect the brand's image, which is positioned in the high-end fashion segment: the entire sales area is distinguished by the Creos collection - suitable for high foot traffic - which interprets the more manual aspect of resin spread through a delicately moved and irregular texture. The width of the laid surface conveys a sensation of softness with slightly shiny and more opaque areas and the neutral Cookie shade warms the spaces without distracting attention from the colours of the garments on display.
Refin proposals can also be found in the service areas available to customers and employees.

[i]BP Architects was founded in 2013 by architects Silvio Binini and Emanuele Piccinini whose professional association, already active previously, has led to important public works even beyond national borders. The firm has a holistic approach to the project, which is followed in all its phases by coordinating companies and specialized consultants. Today the firm has a dozen of professionals and focuses its activity in the fields of architecture, retail and interior design, with a special attention to the context, the spatial and material quality, the environmental and energy sustainability in order to design solutions that can improve the living conditions of end users. The link between BP ARCHITECTS and the Max Mara group is very strong. For Max Mara, BP ARCHITECTS restored its existing historical heritage, restructured industrial buildings and made new buildings.

Ceramiche Refin - Active on international markets since 1962, Refin designs and makes porcelain stoneware entirely in Italy, through a management system based on quality research, technical innovation and respect for the environment. From this corporate vision comes a wide variety of floor and wall coverings able to integrate with the many styles of contemporary architecture in commercial and public projects as well as in the residential sector.[/i]


BP Architects

Design Team

Architects Silvio Binini, Emanuele Piccinini, Paola Fossa

Project Partners

AD Store & More

Property Owner / Client

Intrend - Diffusione Tessile Srl - MMFG

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