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45x90 cm
60x60 cm
30x60 cm
30x30 cm

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Shabby mood and metropolitan loft atmosphere for a collection available in two families: aged Bois wood sporting a light vintage effect in the colours Beige, Brown and Grey, in formats 25x150 and 22.5x90, and the classic Beton cementine tiles available in Almond, Greige and Shadow in formats 60x60, 30x60, 45x90 and 30x30 (this last one with a more marked shade variation), completed by a 30x30 decoration in all colours. The combination of the two surfaces creates the Inlay coffer in Warm and Cold shades, size 75x75. Composed of a frame in Bois wood that encloses the Beton cementine tiles, Inlay can easily be matched with both products to design dynamic, trendy environments.