Product description

Porcelain stoneware
30x60 cm


Skin, the brand-new slim thickness porcelain stoneware which is only 4.8 mm thick, has the same technical and resistance features of standard thickness porcelain stoneware tiles, yet is particularly suitable for renovation projects, as, thanks to its reduced thickness, it allows for an installation onto pre-existing coverings without the need to demolish, meaning a considerable saving in terms of time and costs. Even the sizes of Skin, the most innovative porcelain stoneware available, have been specifically created to facilitate its transportation and installation. Skin is available in the new Tracce collection and in the Artech and Velvet Ground collections, the two most successful Refin ceramic ranges.

To renovate without demolishing.
Original sizes for walls in slim thickness porcelain stoneware 4.8mm for a more effective installation.
A new skin onto pre-existing floor and wall coverings.
Large and modern sizes for floors.
Resistant, durable and fire-proof porcelain stoneware.
And and easy to work with, and only 4.8 mm thick.