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ES 01 Extension Socket
ES 01 Extension Socket
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The ES 01 is an original extension socket that has been designed to tackle a ubiquitous lifestyle problem: cable clutter. The ES 01 plugs 5 sockets and is available in a range of versions to comply with the different power supply standards of a wide selection of countries.

Colour Black/White/Red
Height 107 mm
Diameter 206 mm
Weight 800 grams

Appliances connected to ES 01 maximum overall power rating
– 2300W-50Hz-230V (Type F Schuko; Type E Frenchplug; Type J Swiss; Type G UK)
– 1800W-60Hz-120V (Type B America)

– Main power switch
– Overload protection
– 10 Ampere resettable fuse (Type F Schuko; Type E Frenchplug; Type J Swiss; Type G UK); 15 Ampere resettable fuse (Type B America version)

Sockets & Power cord
– Type F Schuko: 5x CEE 7/4 sockets; CEE 7/7 plug
– Type E Frenchplug: 5x CEE 7/5 sockets; CEE 7/7 plug
– Type J Swiss: 5x SEV 1011 sockets; SEV 1011 plug
– Type B America: 5x NEMA 5-15 sockets; NEMA 5-15 plug
– Type G UK: 5x BS 1363 sockets; BS 1363 plug
– Power-cord length: 3m (all versions)

Certified compatible countries
– Type F Schuko: Austria; Bulgaria; Denmark; Estonia; Finland ; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal, Romania; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Turkey.
– Type E Frenchplug: Belgium; Czech Republic; France; Poland; Slovakia
– Type J Swiss: Switzerland
– Type B America: Canada; USA
– Type G UK: Cyprus; Ireland; Malta; United Kingdom