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Cable management
Cable management
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The Quadrifoglio Group pays due attention to the issue of wiring and cable management, offering various solutions to satisfy all budget requirements. The cable management system is an exhaustive range which can be integrated into all its operative collections: the system is based on a light-weight multi-functional rail, available in various widths, which can be accessorised with lift-up soft-closing flaps, cable tray to house sockets, screens and accessories. Alternatively, the same structure can perfectly support framed screens from the Screen collection. This solution is especially recommended for benches and shared workstations, but it can also be applied to individual desks. In addition to this system, Quadrifoglio also offers top-access trays with a flip-top cover to house multiple sockets and wireway bushes to feed wires and cables from the desk down to the floor. The range of accessories is complemented by PVC cable riser and spines to feed electrical wires and cables down to the ground in the right order, for easier inspection.