Product description

LED 1x6W

Product family


Paraph arises from the meeting between Prandina and the well-known Belgian designer Serge Cornelissen, expert professional light designer, connoisseur of lighting themes and of its connection with the interior. Paraph is a small family of floor and table lamps designed, at the beginning, for public spaces as library and reading rooms but, thanks to its essential outline and to its precise and swivelling light, it’s particularly right also for the domestic environment.
With this fruitful professional collaboration, Prandina confirms its affinity with the North European design style and a particular attention to Belgium, already important reference area where the company is historically present with an wide sales network.

Colors: black.

Table/floor lamp for direct lighting.
Bent aluminium structure painted in matt black. LED tilting head with PMMA built-in optic lens, in black anodized extruded aluminium. Feeding wire with bipolar plug and on/off switch.