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Plexwood - Parquet strip
Plexwood - Parquet strip
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Plexwood is an innovative interior design veneer, composed of end grain wood and with the grain veneers, which give the product a clear linear structure. Plexwood can be used for floors, walls, ceilings, staircases, furniture, and company logos, amongst many other conceptual applications. End grain wood, one of the main components of Plexwood, is harder than regular cut wood, making Plexwood products suitable for high traffic environments like public spaces, office, retail, education and health care environments. In our production we do not use formaldehyde based glue or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Plexwood can meet almost any sustainability standard or certification.

Available in 11 products: Strip, Parquet strip, Plank, Tile, Panel one-sided, Panel two-sided, Panel flexible, Geometric, Solid, Profile and Special.

The standard measurements of Parquet strip are ± 1200 x 135 x (9 plywood + 4.5 Plexwood) mm. Parquet strip has a tongue and groove system, and is delivered pre-sanded 80-grit, per pack of ± 1 m². Parquet strip must be directly glued onto a sub-floor, when the sub-floor is (or has been made) suitable for that. The end result is a seamless floor. Parquet strip is also used for wall and ceiling cladding, the substrate is then made of mdf, or for instance fire rated (Euroclass B/C) mdf.

Measurements for the floor:
± 1200 x 135 x 13.5 (9 plywood + 4.5 Plexwood) mm

Measurements for wall and ceiling:
± 1200 x 135 x 11.5 (9 mdf + 2.5 Plexwood) mm