Product description

10x14,7x120, 20x120, 30x120 cm

Blanc, Avorio, Blond, Gris, Gris Fumé, Barrique

Product family


The essence of oak wood and the quality of Caesar porcelain stoneware merge in a product with a contemporary feel and a minimal and discreet look. Wabi is the result of in-depth aesthetic research, able to find a balance between the perfect natural model and the delicate charm of today’s cutting edge trends. Wabi is a delicate and minimal interpretation of wood, created for contemporary architecture projects. A collection characterised by a soughtafter aesthetic appeal that perfectly integrates, with discreet elegance, in engulfing design venues. The collections come in porcelain stoneware planks of 120 cm length in three different formats. The natural surface finish confers all the warmth of natural wood thanks to a soft, engulfing and detail tactile touch. The textured saw-cut finish presents the typical traits of this special manufacturing of wood and combines aesthetic appeal and anti-slip features.
Wabi is also available in two colours in Aextra20 (60x60 cm, 20 mm thickness).