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Karl Lang >, Lars Backhaus >
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Interior lighting-Special lights >
Wall decoration-Luminous walls >
Room dividing-Privacy screen >
Interior lighting-Special lights >
Wall decoration-Luminous walls >
Room dividing-Privacy screen >

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The PIXLIP surface light system offers a flexible design element in a dynamic interaction between lighting and space. These homogeneously-illuminated frames are based on made-to-measure aluminum profiles that allow for optimum light reflection thanks to their special design. Illumination is provided by laterally-mounted LED modules, whose light diffusely provide backlighting to the fabric surface cover. With its clear form language, the system represents a new generation of integrated lighting solutions and allows for a wide and varying range of application and design options.

These PIXLIP light boxes can be assembled quickly without tools, provide backlighting and can be connected to entire illuminated walls. With the aid of the appropriate connector, they can be combined into a full room system and completed with shelf supports and add-on components from the accessory line-up.
Freely-designing the replaceable print fabrics creates a dynamic and large-size image area that can be replaced at any time. Fully self-sufficient space situations can be created using the backlit door modules.
Light element profile depths are tailored to individual needs and range between 100 and 200mm. The aluminum can be powdered in any RAL tone and customized, if desired. They can optionally be controlled using DMX/DALI.

Uniform design lines is also possible in comprehensive projects due to the clear design language.