When PIXLIP GmbH moves into the new building in summer 2015, the new structure should be upgraded functionally and optically. The office rooms were completely cored, so that we have a whole area of 500m2 each in the first and second floor. An open plan office and a show kitchen had been furnished on the second floor. Dividing walls, tables, ceiling lightboxes, wall mounting lightboxes, etc. are produced and installed in the floor from our product range PX200/100, DS120 and the Flatpanels. We turned the first floor into our official PIXLIP “Showroom”, where you can find complete booth, ceiling rings, cubes, cabins, stele, lightwalls with shelving-systems, wall mounting lightboxes and a technical area. It will be part of the customer meetings to show as a sample. Even the outside area is a part of our redesign. Therefore we developed our own PIXLIP outdoor system OD130, which allows large cladding designs with lightboxes. Our target was to dispose of the existing façade made of exposed aggregate concrete to use the area as a big advertising space. A sub construction of Halfen rails had been installed on the building to connect the OD130 frames among each other. Even the corners could be solved with our corner profiles to combine consistently. After installing the Led outdoor technology and the custom-built textile prints, the old exposed aggregate concrete had been completely disappear. In the meanwhile the building is shining with its third new look.