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Nex Pur Shelf | Cabinet element
Nex Pur Shelf
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Nex Pur is a fine selection of different versions of the furniture range Nex. Luxurious, with a delicate interplay of lines and „made in Germany“. The furniture is available in white, attractive in price and available within 14 days. The range offers many different possibilities as there are boxes, shelves and cabinets in different lengths and widths which can be combined at your will.

More possibilities are available with our furniture system Nex. The luxurious system is composed of modular elements and enables you to create multifunctional combinations which can be adapted to every room situation. Different widths, depths and heights, many colours: matt or high gloss lacquer, valuable woods, continuous covers plates, different filigree leg versions: in colour or metal, free-positioned in the room or suspended. Nex – no matter if box, sideboard, shelf or cabinet system – it opens up to you a number of beautifully designed solutions. Ask for our main catalogue via

This shelving system is fine and exciting in its interplay of gaps. 19 versions in the height of 211.5 cm and in depth 36 cm are available to be combined. Optionally, as a complete open shelf element, as a shelf with doors and drawers or with a continuous door. The open element we offer additionally in depth 28 cm, so that an interesting interplay of depths is possible. Additional excitement is made by the slide-in units which are available in three colours for all compartment heights.
Easy to place are our slide-in units which create a diversified front picture. Available in three colours and for all compartment heights.
On the outside pure and on the inside with many shelves: the closed element can hide ­almost everything – folders, toys, dishes – unwrap, position and fill it up.
The Nex Pur shelf is delivered to you pre-assembled. Unevenness of the floor you can compensate with the adjustment-legs on the base plate. The shelves are contrary not adjustable. The fronts can be opened by touch. The pre-assembled door stops are changeable with rotatable doors. If you decide for a lower door, one folder height is at your disposal. Get two folder heights if you choose the upper door. Shelves behind the door are adjustable.