Gliss Master Deep

Cabinets from Molteni & C, Designed by Vincent Van Duysen Architects

Product description

The Deep door is an innovative product that makes it possible to create solutions with hinged, sliding or flush sliding doors. The handle, made of three die-cast elements, is totally recessed into the door and available in pewter finish or pewter covered in eco skin.


Gliss Master satisfies the desire for a new series of wardrobes that are at once technologically and aesthetically avant garde. Gliss Master is a fortunate combination of purity of forms, use of materials and exclusive technologies that gives rise to a functional design, in which the visual and tactile aspects are key.
New innovative finishes for the structural part, such as “white and grey shantung”, a texture reminiscent of fabrics made of raw silk, and “larix dark” in warm dark tones. The modularity of the units has also increased by doubling the depth (60 and 43 cm), thereby allowing the creation of compartments for specific accessories, such as shoe racks. A new open corner, which can be used as a walk-in wardrobe, completes the novelties of the overall framework.
The opening systems summarize the architectural thinking of Vincent Van Duysen expressed in a refined domestic context. Architectural details, research into materials and ergonomics are the ingredients that have led to the design of a series of doors suitable for any context. There are nine types to choose from. In addition to the traditional Start and Grip doors, the range includes “A Filo” and Deep, defined by handles, either recessed or applied to the edges so as to be flush with the door. Plaster, on the other hand, obtained thanks to a new visual and tactile finish that reproduces an irregular, silica-colored plaster, completely integrates the wardrobe into the surrounding context, creating an “unicum” between wall and wardrobe. The Strip door features a vertical, top-to-bottom, “eco skin” strip of the same width as the handle, while Skin is made of the same eco-material as Strip, but arranged in square panels covering the whole surface of the door. Window: transparent glass hinged door, featuring an aluminum perimetral profile with a pewter finish, which lends itself to various solutions, from the storage wardrobe to the walk-in wardrobe with closed parts alternating with open ones. Lastly, 45°, design Ron Gilad , a classic already present on other Molteni&C wardrobes.
Hi-tech solutions such as overlapping and coplanar sliding mechanisms, which use a system of magnetic shock absorbers to eliminate start-up noise. This system requires less effort to open and close the door, improving sliding fluidity. The new, pewter-finish embedded hinges, perfectly concealed within the wardrobe base and cover, ensure the utmost linearity. The fine materials and finishes of the handles perfectly match the doors on which they are mounted.The new-concept internal accessories are designed to meet all storage requirements. The sophisticated pull-out shirt rack, pull-out drawers and trays, shoe racks, accessories such as the tie rack, the ruby and gray “eco skin” jewellery case and the new LED lighting system are just some of the novel ideas. Completing the range is a new chest of drawers island that can be placed in the center of the room.


• Three finishes for the modern internal framework to meet the various requirements:
_GRAY AND WHITE SHANTUNG = for a raw silk look
_LARIX MORO = wood effect
• Three openings: hinged, coplanar and top sliding
• range: 9 doors available – Start, Flush, Grip, Deep, Plaster, Strip, Window, Skin, 45° - in 11 different finishes, from the glass door to eco skin, cartapaglia, wood essence, laquered, glass, in the wide range of Molteni&C finishes and plaster (innovative finish that allows the wardrobe to blend in with its surrounding context)
• Hole-free side walls buILT-IN HINGEs with magnetic shock absorbers
• Innovative, built-in and invisible LED lighting system
• Great depth of accessories and internal fittings:
Modular chests of drawers that can be made with OPEN WOODEN DRAWERS OF 3 DIFFERENT HEIGHTS, pull-out drawers, trinket tray and trouser rack.
Opens like a fan of pull-out drawers.
The pullover and shirt racks provide a smart and practical solution for those who like to keep their clothes in order.
ACCESSORIES FOR DRAWER INTERIORS are made of Eco Skin: trinket tray, watch tray, jewel box, bottom and partitions.

The wardrobe base has feet adjustable to the millimetre for every unit. A good base means perfect stability on any kind of floor as well as sufficient isolation from it.

The patented runner system is on supports with teflon wheels which guarantee precise, silent and long lasting running.

The patented runner mechanisms are housed in a solid aluminium compartment, which permits smooth, precise sliding on every occasion.

Cushioned opening and closing for both hinged and sliding doors. The sliding mechanism makes use of a special cushioning which prevents the doors from banging violently against each other. The door hinges are cushioned for perfect closure.

Plinth and upper frame come with dust proof horizontal edges in cellular foam for perfect wardrobe dustproofing. Side partition extension edge gives further protection.

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Part of the collection WARDROBES.
Manufacturer Molteni & C
Family Gliss Master
Architonic ID 1371527
Year of Launch 2015

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