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... based on a powerful bonded system.

pinta PYRAMID is a highly effective sound absorption product. Its pyramidal structure enlarges the surface of PYRAMIDE to achieve even better sound absorption values in the medium to high frequency ranges. With this lightweight absorber, sound can be reduced in any room that has a high noise level, for example production halls or classrooms, at low cost and in a visually attractive way. The lightweight, environmentally friendly absorber's starting basis is either willtec (fiber-free foam based on melamine resin) or a PU foam. pinta PYRAMID is available in various element thicknesses and, in addition to the standard colors, also with an individual color design. For fitting, pinta PYRAMID can be cut to size with a sharp knife. It is then bonded with a fire protection-tested system adhesive. An optimum appearance is achieved by bonding with a shadow gap of up to 20 mm.