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... and a powerful bonding system.

pinta PLANO offers outstanding absorption values, in both the low and the high frequency ranges. pinta PLANO is distinguished not only by its environmental friendliness, but above all also its low weight, variable panel formats and element thicknesses thanks to which it is suitable for a highly diverse range of applications. pinta PLANO offers extensive design options. The acoustically effective absorber is available in a version with and a version without a bevel cut and with individual color coating. For areas in which low weight and at the same time a minimum installation height are required, pinta PLANO is the alternative to other absorber systems. For fitting, pinta PLANO can be cut to size with a sharp knife. It is then glued to the ceiling using fire protection-tested system adhesive. An optimum appearance is achieved by bonding with a shadow gap of up to 20 mm.