the alternative in ceiling design with expanded metal.

The three-dimensional pinta EXPANDEDLINE MEDIUM system is the creative solution for your ceiling design. Uniting functionality and design, it leaves space for creativity. The high intrinsic stability of the three-dimensional expanded-metal mesh provides great flexibility in designing and dimensioning ceiling surfaces. In combination with the permanently integrated covering made of pinta glass fleece or the or the pinta CASSETTE INSERT, the elegant pinta EXPANDEDLINE MEDIUM expanded metal ceiling system offers an acoustically powerful ceiling surface. A tailored range of luminaires rounds off the range of the pinta EXPANDEDLINE MEDIUM. Paying attention to the laying direction, pinta EXPANDEDLINE MEDIUM can be fitted in every commercially available 24 mm T-grid system. Standard wall connections such as connection to a gypsum frieze or a lighting strip are possible just as much as use as a ceiling cloud.