Key facts

OWAconsult® collection – designed by Hadi Teherani
Hadi Teherani
Architonic ID:
Wall coverings-Acoustic solutions
Ceiling elements-Ceiling panels
Room acoustics-Sound absorption
Sound absorption-Ceiling systems

Product description

The art of cove lighting
OWAlight enhances the S 15b OWAline ceiling system by adding a new, integrated LED light rail. Advantages: a sophisticated, elegant look with intense lighting and low energy consumption. OWAlight is available in lengths of 600 mm and 1200 mm. Light rails are easily installed in the ceiling grid in the same way as the system-compliant Cross tees and are delivered ready to plug in. When switched off, it is unrecognisable as a light rail within the ceiling grid, and so does not interrupt the overall flow of the ceiling.

Product family


Modular ceiling system for creatives
More freedom, openness and creativity in ceiling design – that’s the goal of our partnership with Hadi Teherani, a man who is both architect and product designer. We have fundamentally reinterpreted how ceilings function. The result: a modular system that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your own ceiling creations. Also part of the system: lighting modules using the most up-to-date LED technology to throw a completely new light on the ceilings in our new collection. They are ideal companions for the new system. The OWAconsult® collection allows for variable designs of individual, naturalistic surface textures such as have never been possible before. And we even have solutions for thermally activated ceilings: open yet highly effective acoustic ceiling canopies that set new standards in design. Our dedicated OWAconsult® specialists advise and support designers with broad-based expertise – from the design phase through to realisation of project-specific ceiling creations.