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A family of furniture which consequentially follows the Philip credo – functionally and emotionally, in its conception and its formal appearance. Defined by need and requirement of its future user, the furniture which emerges from the system is characterised by a high level of individuality, typically Rosenthal.eben typisch Rosenthal.

Furniture with charisma.

Ypsilon is a versatile programme of desks and tables, allowing many combinations and supplements by matching container, sideboard and
highboard modules. The framework structures of the desks and tables consist of black anodized aluminium profiles, permitting a wide range of variations. In striking contrast to the technical aesthetics of the substructure, the desk and table present a highly sophisticated appearance, being finished either in high-quality veneered wood or in brilliant glass. The clear, assured lines of the Ypsilon programme are characteristic for the architectural view of Cini Boeri. With a sure sense for harmonious contrasts, she combines in the Ypsilon programme severe formal elements with elegantly crafted surfaces. Whether as a workplace with PC station, supplemented by corpus items as desired, as a discussion table that stimulates dialogue, as range of conference tables that can be adapted to any room configuration, or as an attractive and assureditem of table furniture for private hospitality: Ypsilon is a furniture programme with great character, which once seen will never be forgotten.

As a range of desks and tables for all uses, Ypsilon stands for communication with elegance – for offices, conferences, hospitality and at home. It is programme of desks and tables in which the supporting framework and the
functional surfaces are uncompromisingly separated both in terms of construction and design. The finely fluted aluminium framework structure never obtrudes visually, so allows the eye to focus on the essential, i.e. the top. In the strict interpretation of the design concept, the leg construction recedes optically into the background through the sparing use of materials and the unobtrusive colour black. The top, which also creates a haptic experience through the sensitive optic of surface finish and edge design, radiates an emotional warmth that attracts and embraces the user. The legs, angles, fittings and joins form a framework structure that supports a top which can be individually formulated to any geometry. The desk and table programme is supplemented by a modular system of box furniture items – containers, sideboards and highboards in many different variations. The name of the programme derives from the three-legged 120°-construction join: Ypsilon. The perfection of the formal structure is highlighted by the design detail – and confirmed by the mastery of the craftsmanship with which the furniture is made. Ypsilon – simple, but with great of character.

Distinctive appearance.

The characteristic protagonist of the Ypsilon programme is the work desk. Structured by an unobtrusive raised strip and with exquisite leather panels, the desk presents a highly distinctive appearance with the fine grain of the honey-coloured pearwood. The raised strip corresponds to the layout of the supporting structure and divides the top into segments of the whole. On the visitor side, the design invites the guest to take a seat – and join the proverbial "round" of the elegant curve of the desk top. Additionally, the edge of the desk is bevelled on this side, creating a sense of lightness. The proportions of the leg structure – narrow or broad, depending on the angle of view – give the viewer
ever new and surprising insights into the formal structure of the furniture item.

All in all, an impressive object.

The configuration of work desk, double container and sideboard create a representative ambience in which form and function go hand in hand. Together, they organize work and communication – in a practical, individual and intuitively meaningful way. Whether one enters the room or looks out into the room from behind the desk: as part of any interior ambience,Ypsilon is a distinguished item of furniture architecture, to which the Folio chair from Cini Boeri provides the perfect complement. And that the details are not only perfect in terms of formal design, but also in terms of technical design, can be seen, for example, from the height adjustment feature of the legs: foot caps are inserted from the bottom into the leg profile. To compensate for any floor unevenness, one or more plastic strips can be fitted into the foot cap to equal out height differences.
Cables are inserted through the concealed cable duct, for connection to sockets in a lift-up cable compartment under the desk top. The work desk as illustrated measures 200 cm from side to side and a maximum 125 cm from front to back, and has a height of 74 cm.

Work desk: 225 cm from side to side, maximum 140 cm from front to back. Technical desk: 180 cm from side to side, 70 cm from front to back. Highboard: 300 cm from side to side, 112 cm in height, 45 cm from front to back. Meeting table: Ø 140 cm. Armchair from the Folio line.

The Ypsilon highboard as a room divider: the back is as exquisite as the front. The system also allows the corpus elements to be mounted and used on the other side, if desired.

Keeping things organized

The work surface is kept free by the organizational environment. To the right and left under the desk top: the flat drawer holds the utensils that may be needed at any time. The computer and other necessary items are accommodated in the equipment container. The work desk with maple veneer forms an attractive contrast to the black of the surroundings. Desk dimensions: 200 cm from side to side, maximum 125 cm from front to back. PC desk in varnished black finish with leaf (from the Prisma line) – when opened, as shown: 185 cm from side to side, maximum 100 cm from front to back. Closed: 125 cm from side to side, 72 cm from front to back.

PC Furniture – Personal Container Design: Jonas Kressel + Ivo Schelle. The conceptual idea is a functional harmony of multifunctional container, a sideways sliding work surface, and a monitor support that swivels to the back. The most important work utensils have room in an open-topped compartment. A two-part cover for the compartment, which can be slid under the work top, is available as an option. An alternative version is available with a fixed, continuous work top – it is also available without monitor support. The container for the computer and peripherals is ventilated from the back through the detachable perforated back wall, which also allows convenient cabling. Two container widths (50 or 75 cm) with different functional
features are available.

Container on castors: available with various drawer structures or compartmentalizations, and either as a single or double container. Shown in the illustration under the 225 cm work top.

The cabinet furniture items from the Ypsilon programme are in deep black finish and are built to a design grid with a width of 50 cm. Assembled from the corpus sections with 45° bevel and matching fronts, they create a graceful play of graphic lines. The skilfully homogenous varnished surfaces of these cubes are elegantly interrupted by concave recessed handle cavity. Also when combined in pairs, they give the furniture a distinctive appearance. The veneer of the top, which can be optionally applied to the board, corresponds in colour and structure to the veneer of the desk top. This detail alone typifies the aspiration of a consistently conceived furnishing concept. Drawers, suspended file compartments, doors which can also be of glass, different heights and interior compartmentalization possibilities as well as other equipment components characterise this individually definable corpus line. The equipment features include central locking systems, drawer pull-out stop, self-closing drawers with end damper, pedestal frame with impact-resistant bordering, height adjustment, and ribbed shelf coverings of rubber material – in other words, carefully conceived down to the last detail.

Table culture is hospitality. Ritual. Well-being.

The intelligent design of the framework structure allows all kinds of table top geometries to be realised, i.e. squares, rectangles – with rounded or 90° corners – ovals, boat forms, ellipses, triangular shapes, hexagons or circles. And in various sizes and diameters, as single tables or combined into multitable systems. The common design feature is the fine, allround edge of the veneered table tops. The ten-centimetre broad bevel tapers to an edge of one centimetre. The result is an elegant and highly graceful optic. The three-legged table with the transparent 1.2 cm glass top, develops its own individual charm in combination with an Ypsilon glass cabinet (width 200 cm, height 112 cm). Furniture components that can be added to the Ypsilon conference table (281 x 130 cm) with maple veneer: conference chairs from the Set chair line, board with mobile from the Life-Service range – a modern buffet furniture item with a special character.

Fundamentally simple, but typical PHILIP Möbelmanufaktur in the qualitative design and workmanship is the cover for the cable organization in the desk top. The cover with integrated brush profile is finished from exactly the same veneer panel as the desk top, is equipped with a damper feature, and opens automatically on being pressed gently with the finger. This element allows power sockets, connections for microphones etc. to be perfectly integrated and used, without interrupting the optical appearance.

Turn three into one.

Three top segments together build a whole. The geometry of the boat form is ideal for communication and eye contact, not just with those sitting opposite, but also with one's neighbour on the same side of the table. The veneer, in this particular case pearwood, is not just homogenous in itself. The detail is also accurate from segment to segment. The natural structure of the veneer continues right through from one segment side to the next. One example from the wealth of desk and table forms and dimensions: The table in boat form measures 520 cm from side to side, a maximum 220 cm and a minimum 110 cm from front to back, and offers plenty of room for up to 14 people. And a general characteristic of Ypsilon is the seemingly floating nature of the top – as the picture clearly shows.

Meeting table for 14 seats
Table size: 5.20 x 2.20 / 1.10 m (top devided in 3 parts)
Meeting table for 16 seats
Table size: 5.50 x 2.00 m (top devided in 4 parts)