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K-Modul Stand
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Talking is easier when standing up. The 'K Module Stand' is the perfect platform for spontaneous meetings or the informal exchange of ideas in the open-space office. The 'K Module Stand' is available in various sizes, materials and colours, as well as with drawers, if required. In the power-supply version, the cables are fed through an intermediate, fold-up wall, which can be covered with fabric or be colour painted in addition to the standard decor options.
The u-shaped 'K Module' high-level table has a material thickness of 38 mm. Combined with office cupboards from our 'basic S' line, the standing-height table becomes a communication module with storage room. If this storage space is used for a cutlery drawer, a refrigerator or a waste separation and collection system, a catering zone is created for the office or reception area.

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Communication, stress-free working, feeling welcome as a guest – this is what our 'K Module' series stands for. The 'K Modules' are communication furnishings for spontaneous encounters, meetings arranged at short notice, or the informal exchange of ideas. In addition to the 'K Module Stand' and 'K Module Sit', the range includes the 'K Module Work' desk and the 'K Module Meet' meeting table. All of the 'K Modules' have the characteristic mitred joints and u-shaped bridge construction with 38-mm-thick material.