Table and bench for children up to about eight years.

Kids are physically active, even when they are sitting. Even an object as simple as the OSKARatWORK bench for kneeling, sitting, slouching or lying down in can be an invitation to creative play. Pens and paper can be stored on the convenient shelves under tabletop and bench seat. The loden fabric which the table and bench are covered is an ideal and exceptionally hard-wearing surface for writing and drawing. please touch!

Product details: The furniture of the please touch series can be simply folded along the textile edges, making their assembly a child's play.
Material: Birch playwood and 100 % wool

Size: 1100x500x460 mm
Weight: 14 kg

Size: 850x290x270 mm
Weight: 5 kg

Available colours: orange, green, sand, brown

Made in Germany