Kids and parents alike love MAXintheBOX and its many benefits:
Its child-oriented design encourages play and promotes development and is therefor also a valueable teaching aid. The modular furniture is flexible, safe and rugged. Suitable for a wide range of ages, it accompanies kids for many years.

Being made from wood, MAXintheBOX is environment-friendly, 100 percent recyclable and promotes positive values in children. The modular MAXintheBOX furniture was developed together with children. Each set consits of two modular elements that can be combined in many different ways. MAXintheBOX can be used in the home, in crèches, kindergartens, schools ... in short, wherever kids work or play.

Product details: Chair and children's furniture for kids aged nine months to eight years.
Material: birch plywood
Dimensions: 360 x 360 x 360mm
Weight: 3,8kg/element
Range of colours available: blue, red, white, pink, lightblue, yellow, green or 100% nature