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40cm x 25cm, h 30cm

2xMAX 60W G9


The Veneziani family is the tribute Panzeri dedicated to the ancestral heritage of the iconic chandelier typical of the Venetian culture of XVIII century. What Panzeri succeeded in doing, though, is not just a remake of a museum piece; the lighting fixture, in fact, is the combination of the artisanal handmade blown glass tradition of Murano with the mechanic technique typical of the Lombard territory, which represents Panzeri’s own culture and contributed in giving to the products a more functional allure. A clear example of this is the elastic system of the arm, which prevents their brake during the routine cleaning gestures. The final result of this enchanting mix is a series of products suitable to light up both elegant and luxurious locations and modern ones, where thanks to their fine and never sumptuous grace, the original shapes of Veneziani go well with the minimalistic contemporary interior design.

The line if the chandeliers is available in various colors and shapes, with an open range of customization to satisfy every need.

Before the shipment, every single product is assembled and tested in our production workshop to verify the quality of all the elements e to balance the weight of every handmade blown arm. In this very stage, every arm is labeled with a number corresponding with a hole in the central disk, in order to give to the final customer the easiest and fastest installation.