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ah! Invisible Frame | ah!60 Minimalist Window
ah! Invisible Frame
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Product description

ah!60 is a groundbreaking exterior opening system with unmatched thermal and acoustic performance (up to Minergie-P and Passivhaus), ideal for very cold climates. It also stands out as an intrusion prevention solution for high demanding security specifications (RC4). It offers great flexibility in the modular composition of openings, including opening corner solutions, pocket sliding configurations, curved layouts, tilted spans and retractable mosquito nets. The alternatives come in a wide range of formats such as sliding and vertical sliding opening units. It allows for the introduction of a wide range of accessories, including heated glass, and it can be completely automated. ah!60 is a system that allows double glazed surface areas of up to 29m², or triple glazed of up to 19m². Both options use 20mm vertical profiles.

glazing up to:
max double glazing area: 29m²
max triple glazing area: 19m²
glass thickness: 60mm

main dimensions up to:
max. leaf height: 9000mm
max. leaf width: 9000mm
max. weight / glass pannel: 3.000kg
vertical profile:20mm

performance up to:
thermal coefficient: Uw = 0.71W/m².K (Ug = 0.4W/m².K)
air tightness: Class 4
wind resistance: Class C5
water tightness: Class E900
sound insulation: 44dB
security: RC4
achievements: MINERGIE-P

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Invisible frame system further emphasizes the minimalism feature by concealing the frame below the finished floor, walls and ceiling. It provides a threshold-free transition between inside and outside as the space between the narrow tracks is covered by the same material as the interior of the room.