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Tool is a versatile table for the digital age in which people have been freed from their desks. A table that can easily connect to any type of furniture or person in any situation. “I always knew when James had fallen asleep by the thud of the telephone landing on the floor. Every night the same story. He would have liked an extendable bedside table on which to put his phone, glasses or book. When watching a film stretched out on the sofa, we never wanted to get up to eat. We would have liked two height adjustable table-trays for a plate and glass and the remote. And in our studio, we often need an extension for our conference table: a support top to put a cup of coffee or do sketches on that can adapt to the height of one’s chair tool. And that’s how James came up with the idea of a table that would come to your aid at different moments during the day”, explains Marialaura Rossiello Irvine, Studio Irvine. During the process of realizing Tool, the original sketches were modified slightly, but the idea is very much intact. Making Tool as user-friendly as possible with no visible mechanics has been the priority. While some of the dimensions have been reduced, the challenge of creating a lever with a smooth reaction has worked out highly satisfactorily. “For me, this has been a very important project to complete and I think we have really come close to the origi- nal idea of the table”, says Marialaura Rossiello Irvine.