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Photographer: Claus Starup

Bella Sky by OFFECCT | Manufacturer references ×
  • Soundwave® Bella

    Soundwave® Bella


In the process of designing the new Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen 3XN asked OFFECCT to develop a completely new acoustic panel that was consistent with the architectural project in its entirety.

The result was SOUNDWAVE Bella. Bella was designed to be used as lightweight sound absorber in the upper frequency range (500 Hz and above). This panel helps reducing disturbing reflections of environmental sounds such as voices, telephones etc. Material: recyclable moulded polyester fibre. Colours: Anthracite, grey, green and offwhite.

3XN is one of Europe's most prominent architectural firms, and is known for two things: their preference for ground-breaking architecture, and projects demanding a high level of detail and employing workmanship of the highest quality.

Bella Sky Hotel opened in May 2011 and became with its two towers, 814 rooms, 30 conference rooms, three restaurants and two bars be the largest design hotel in Scandinavia. Bella Sky's two towers stand close to each other like a dancing couple in movement, creating a major landmark for Copenhagen's new district called Ørestad, adding an urban atmosphere to the neighborhood.

3XN Architects

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