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RKNL 20 Coffee table
RKNL 20 Coffee table
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120 x 70 cm / satin & high gloss
150 x 90 cm / high gloss

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The RKNL20 coffee table is a realization of my trademark style. It is the first design I made for Odesi. With the rounded edges, the coffee table displays a graceful character. Consisting essentially out of two disks, the design seems simple. Balance is the key factor in this design, the heights of the two disks, the space between them and the radius of rounding are all chosen very carefully. Finding the perfect proportions was by far the biggest challenge in the design. In day to day use, the RKNL20 can be pleasantly surprising. There is more storage than you might think. The space between the elements can be used to store items like magazines or remote controls. They will be out of sight but always in reach.

The RKNL20 is made from high quality MDF and curved wood. The choice for these materials mean that the RKNL20 is build to last and has a very solid feel to it. The exquisite finish with multiple layers of lacquered paint ensure a sophisticated look.
The Finish:
The RKNL furniture’s applied finish could be considered an Odesi trademark. We demand very high quality and are only satisfied with a perfectly lacquered product.
The paint that is used in spraying the furniture consists of a special dual-component lacquer which hardens to become more resistant to scratches.
The RKNL furniture for Odesi have become well known and especially the high-gloss white versions have reached iconic status. There are 4 standard colours. But custom colours are also possible.

Satin finish
High gloss finish

RAL 9003 - White
RAL 9010 - Off White
RAL 7044 - Silk Grey
RAL 7016 - Anthracite