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PondJet Eco
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Product description

The PondJet Eco is a ready-to-connect complete unit comprising a pump, floating body and the PondJet nozzle. Decorative water features can be installed quickly and easily without the need for elaborate set-up work. They can also be fitted with the High Jet 30, Geyser Jet 30, Trumpet Jet 30 and Grand Vulkan 30 nozzles. This unit can handle virtually any water depth, any degree of pond soiling, and water that is difficult to access. The minimum water level for clear water is just 1 m, while muddy ponds require 1.5 m. There is also the option to add a lighting set to provide an atmospheric mood, especially in the evenings.

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Brand story

Gerrit Terstiege


If ever we needed a life-affirming relationship with nature, it's now. With its series of ponds and natural pools for swimming that fit seamlessly into garden design schemes, German aquatic-environment specialists OASE are inviting us to jump in.