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biOrb LIFE
Indoor design elements with water
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Interior lighting-Table lights >
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Product description

The biOrb LIFE cuts a distinctive figure with its seamless, elegant edges. It is certain to stand out in any space thanks to its timeless shape. The vibrant scene on the inside can be framed by side panels that are available in either white or black, or a transparent option can be selected to offer views from every angle.

Product family


The biOrb Water combines an outstanding design with the fascinating functionalities of an aquarium and the unique magic of an underwater world. The patented filter system keeps the water clean and clear.

The biOrb Water can be individually configured to accommodate small fish and natural or artificial plants. This allows it to fit seamlessly into any space concept, or stand out on its own as an eye-catching water feature.

The integrated lighting creates mesmerising effects in the water and turns the biOrb into a real highlight, especially in dark rooms. The unit is highly convenient to set up, operate and maintain, even for those who have no prior experience with aquariums.