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Height adjustable suspended luminaire for use in the home and lounge areas. Can be used individually or in groups. 100 % direct beam, wide beam, through Softlight Diffuser. The luminaire is available in brilliant white, black and pink. Version with integrated converter in canopy housing for connection to 230 V outlet or with additional gesture dimming on the luminaire itself. Stainless steel suspension cables, adjustable from 300–2000 mm. Design: Karim Rashid

32 W = 200 W halogen
500 x 500 x 2000 mm technology, 32 W power supply, 230 V AC
1565 lm
1565 lm
100 % direct beam

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Brilliant and sculptural: Together with the New York designer Karim Rashid, we have created a luminaire with a strong physical presence which highlights the decorative nature of light within a room. The synergy with Nimbus LED technology allowed Karim Rashid the greatest possible freedom in shaping the luminaire. Squeeze demonstrates the dynamic relationship between the luminaire body and light element more clearly than any other Nimbus LED luminaire. The soft, flowing formal idiom gently morphs into the flat surface of the newly developed Nimbus Softlight Diffuser. Karim Rashid: “Whether seen as a singular fixture or grouped together, the surfaces morph and undulate, creating a beautiful landscape.” Squeeze has a striking presence and is excellently suited to add a little drama to a room. The formally expressive Squeeze LED luminaires create a soft light and a pleasant light atmosphere in living areas and lounges. Upon request, Squeeze suspended luminaires are also available with a convenient extra – the newly developed, touchless gesture control system. Besides brilliant black and white, Squeeze is also available in timeless pink.

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