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Cubic 36 Frame
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557-800 (schwarz matt/2700 K) 557-801 (schwarz matt/3000 K) 557-802 (schwarz matt/4000 K) 557-803 (weiß matt/2700 K) 557-804 (weiß matt/3000 K) 557-805 (weiß matt/4000 K)
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Interior lighting-Ceiling lights >

Product description

Noble, minimalistic and easy to dim: the new surface-mounted luminaire CUBIC Q 36 FRAME. The new housing FRAME made of high-quality aluminium underlines the design of the Nimbus classics. The highlight of this new development is the fusion of light and housing to one single object. The elegant housing contours nearly merge with the luminaire head and thus support its minimalistic design.

Dimensions: 128 x 128 x 52 mm
2700 K / 9,9 W 3000 K / 9,6 W 4000 K / 9,2 W
CRI > 90
630 lm
Light distribution: 100 % direct beam
Protection type: IP 20

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Formal simplicity, energyefficiency and a high quality of light based on LED – these are the properties that continue to characterise the Nimbus Modul Q 36 right up to the present day. For over 10 years now, these minimalistic luminaires have excited architects and their clients all around the world and have lit up thousands of buildings – from large-scale projects through to private homes. The Modul Q 36 is a lighting icon and the trademark of the Nimbus Group. It is considered the archetype of high-quality general lighting with LEDs.

During the course of a decade, the striking lighting module has been carefully adapted to keep up with the changing state of the art, optimised, enriched with different versions and introduced to different areas of use. All the while, it has remained true to itself – a real original.

Now the new CUBIC is here. The luminaire's monolithic body with its gently rounded edges and noble, matt surface unmistakably shows the strong character of the original. By foregoing the conical indentations that were the hallmark of its predecessor and which were developed to suppress glare, the CUBIC reinterprets the Nimbus archetype in a brand new fashion.

Two surprisingly new and different features are its entirely closed harmonious surface and the even more strongly accentuated, serene, square form. The CUBIC completely blends in with the surrounding architecture and gives off a 100 percent antiglare, pleasant and soft light.

Heritage and vision. The CUBIC signals the end of an era while simultaneously heralding in a new age. Its clear-cut form and the pure light mark the beginning of an entirely new development in innovative Nimbus LED luminaires.